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Prayers for Family of Fallen Casing Worker

Prayers for Family of Fallen Casing Worker


Johnny Contreras
Please say a prayer for the family of this fallen Oilman. Johnny Contreras, a 33 year old casing worker for B&L in West Texas, was killed by a drunk driver on Sunday near the Midland airport. Johnny leaves behind a wife and 3 children, along with his mother and siblings.

We encourage you to leave a kind comment or prayer, that will honor the family of this man.

Johnny contreras and wife



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  1. RIP – Johnny Contreras So Sad every time I hear of an accident in the oilfield that takes one of our hard working men, But So So Sad when you know it could have been avoided. So Sad, Prayers for all of his family and friends.

  2. I pray that our savior Jesus Christ bestows peace upon the family of Johnny Contreras and fills their hearts with comfort as they remember their loved one.

  3. So heartbreaking. Through all the dangers we face out here daily in the West Texas oil patch, it’s a boozed up idiot that takes these children’s father from them. Pisses me off. RIP brother. Prayers for te family

  4. I Love And Miss You so much Son..To hear your voice and see your smile…I know that I know your in a better place .I just don’t understand why you? Please God help me to understand. ..

    1. I am so sorry Rose to hear about Johnny! My heart is broken right now! He used to call me Miss Juanita. I found him on F/B awhile back and would talk about the good ol’ days but all of a sudden he had no more F/B… And we lost contact. My condolences to you Rose. Words are just hard to say right now. I just hope you are ok Rose. I know how much you loved your son. I seen it and how much he loved you! He was a sweet and funny person. May God give you strength each and every day. Luv, Juanita…Gloria’s mom…

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