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Choke & Kill – New Song About Deepwater Horizon



Wow…I just can’t tell you how much impact this amazing song had on me.  I just have to share it with you.  One of our own Oilfield Families of America fans, Lance Gremillion, wrote this song and plays lead guitar with James Roosa on vocals.  Lance has been in the oilfield for 30 years and currently works in Drilling & Completions QA on Drill Team.  He is also a professional musician performing throughout Texas.  He’s hoping that the song will be considered for the new Deepwater Horizon movie.

If you think the song Choke & Kill should be used in the movie, vote YES!


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  1. Absolutely love this song!! Yes yes it needs to be part of the soundtrack to the Deepwater Horizon!!!!!

  2. Beautiful song. Awesome music! Super vocals! Love it!!!!!!!!Please include it in the soundtrack. Perfect song for this movie!

  3. Wonderful song. Lance Gremillion is a great song writer and musician. This song should be included in the movie for Deepwater Horizon.

  4. Choke & Kill – Wow! This song resonates a deep water vibe with excellent blues guitarist & vocals. It is a true winner and quite a catchy tune for the movie Deepwater Horizon. Great job on your creativity gentleman.

  5. This is a great song and would be a good choice to use on the soundtrack and in the movie Deepwater Horizon.

  6. Really awesome song lyrics and performance.
    There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be included in Deepwater Horizon. It fits perfectly.

  7. I finally got to listen this. It’s a great song, very soulful and
    poignant. I can actually visualize this as the intro or ending song to this upcoming movie. Very moving song. I say it’s got to be a contender. Seriously

  8. Love the soulful sound! Yes, needs to be main song on soundtrack and documentary! The oilfield families pay a high price for oil! This documentary should show the sacrifices made for the decisions made on the 35th floor!
    We love and appreciate our oilfield families, be careful out there! You make the decision to ‘choke and kill’, not the 35th floor! You got family waiting!

    1. Wow ! Thanks to all of you that took the time to listen and vote and also those that commented it means a lot ! If you shared it much more thanks the results look very positive I can only hope that the movie folks will like it as much as you guys.

      If you shared it thanks so much and if you have time share it again until it gets in the right hands (ears lol )

      Thanks so much to Lori who started this page on the Oilfield Families.com website & facebook page this could not have happened.

      And lastly Thanks to James Roosa for the awesome singing, producing and playing he did he is an enormous talent and we have more to come soon !

      Thanks to all !

      Love ya

      Peace, love & hope !

      lance G

  9. From one musician to another,Damn good job Bro.!!! Hell yeah it needs to be in the movie. I love the vibe. Reminds me a of a James Bond movie sound track.

  10. Perfect song for the movie. It transcends you to the depths of the ocean and conjures up images of the whole ordeal Love it!

  11. When I heard this song I could really feel what he was trying to say. Very few songs can send a message or have that emotion that has us think of life.

  12. wow awesome song Lance your guitar was spot on beautiful work, definitely deserves to be in the movie. Good Luck!!!!

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