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Rico Jimenez Jr.


20150203_121543-1Oilfield Dad to 4 Children

What Makes Dad Special:

He been working in the oilfields for 16 years now,he leaves when the sun down and comes home when the suns down.He works 6 or more days a week 12 hours a day and he never complains.He loves his job no matter what .This is y our dad is so special to us We Love and Appreciate everything he does for us .This is why our dad (Husband )is so special to us.,

Note to Dad:

Dad(Husband)we just want u to know we appreciate everything u do for us and all the hard work u deal with at work.Then when u come home and still do stuff with us like going swimming .We all love u dad (husband )with all our ❤. Happy Fathers Day To The Best Oilfield Dad Of America.


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