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Tony “Tex” Proctor, Jr


IMG_2230Oilfield Dad to 2 Children

What Makes Dad Special:

Like alot of other oilfield dad’s I am sure, he has worked thru many birthdays, Christmases, ballgames and other milestones in life. Made all he could tho. He worked in the cold, heat, rain and snow and stayed months away from his home and family to make sure that they had what they needed. at one point he was away for 18 months with no time off. Not unusual for the oilfield but while this was happening our oldest was diagnosed with andhad surgery and radiation for brain cancer at 19. He was only able to come home for the day of surgery. Told me he couldn’t do much to help but he could do what he does and work to pay a doctor that could. He also at the same time was helping take care of my Grandmother both financially and by moving me in with her to keep her out of a home. When her Altzhiemers for too bad he paid for months of a nursing home till we could get her help. He never let’s me down no matter what it is we need or have to do he finds a way. My kids were and are lucky to have him as a father and to have had such an amazing hard working provider! This life is not always an easy one but it’s the one we chose and we are better and stronger for it. He is the reason. Always working and doing what’s needed.

Note to Dad:

Happy Father’s Day! We luv you! Be safe and see you in a couple weeks!


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