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Oilfield Families of America 4th of July Photo Video


I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication and hard work.  I know it totally sucks sometimes.  You are away from your families, working your asses off, you get little appreciation, some of you are even laid off after giving your all to your companies.  Somehow through it all you remain relentless, strong and resilient.  This July 4th, I wanted to really drive home a message about who we are as an oilfield community.  It is with Love and Gratitude that I share this video with you. I hope it makes you proud and that you thoroughly enjoy it!

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  1. I love this video i didn’t think their was anyone left who truly understood what we do the hours we put in or the tuff work we do thank you for this sight i love it already

    1. Thank you Tom for your comments. We do understand and that’s why we are here. We’ll continue to be here to you to support you and defend our oilfield families. Be safe out there!

    2. Its 8:00 p.m. been out trying to keep up with the demand of the day and keeping the oil clean to sell my day started at 4:00 A.M.i get to drive about 250 miles a day to the leases i work being in production chemicals is never ending and pretty much thankless and very demanding but when you get home from the field at night and you look back at the days events and what you acomplished you can be proud that you’ve been instrumental in the process of delivering another load of crude so our great country can keep going I’m proud to be apart of americas energy source

  2. Thanks for the video it was a great one I work on a supply boat it’s hard time right now thank god we still working

  3. Like most videos this one would be much better if it were shorter and unaccompanied by thoroughly annoying loud noises.

    1. Ruth, The purpose of these videos is to include the members of our oilfield community and garner pride and support for the work they do. These videos are a work of love. I’m blessed each time I sit down to make one. I get tears in my eyes when I study the faces in each photo and think of the sacrifices the workers and their families are making. I chose very powerful music to accompany this video because frankly, we are a powerful bunch of oilfield folks. One more thing…It takes time to watch any video. Unlike most videos…this one is NOT a waste of time. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Thank y’all for doing all that you do to keep the oilfield community strong and together!!! This is a great video.

    3. Really Ruth? Surely you jest. You must not be oilfield material. Therefore, my question is why even bother to watch, much less comment on, this awesome video? God bless you…and your attitude.

  4. Kudos on a job well done! I shared this video (of course) to FB with the following comment:

    “Don’t really know why this video invoked so much emotion…oh wait, yes I do. It’s because we are homegrown oilfield brats through & through. Happy Independence Day y’all! And God bless America!!!”

    Rock on Oilfield Families of America…rock on! ☺

    1. Thank you Shana for your encouraging words. So proud to be part of the lives of our oilfield families. Glad you are part of Oilfield Families of America

  5. Awesome video, thank you for your support and dedication.And a special thanks to the ones who sacrifice not having a loved one at home.Keeping the homefront in line while we are gone,they to are a very speacial breed.Have a happy and blessed fourth all.

    1. Thank you Cole for your being part of Oilfield Families of America and for your support! We love what we do to show our gratitude to our people.

  6. My Grandfather mined coal and built rigs during the “Wildcat” days in the oilfield. My father worked in the petroleum industry in a carbon black lab. Both my brothers worked as roughnecks. I work with a coil tubing unit. You’re damn right I’m proud to be part of the Oilfield Family! Also proud of the women and men who work along side me and all the families, especially my own. I pray for all, even those who don’t understand.

  7. I so agree with you Shana. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. I LOVE this video AND the music that accompanies it. This video brought tears to my eyes. Our husbands, dads, men, that are out there, I applaud each and every one of you. Times are tough right now. My husband is usually out in the field for months at a time but he’s home more than he’s out right now. Times will get better tho’. Great video, beautiful pictures. Thanks for putting it out there.

  8. I need to add a huge “Thank you Lori” for your hard work in putting this and other videos together. Beautiful job. There’s just no room for negative comments in this website. We LOVE our OILFIELD MEN!!!!

    1. Sheryl, your loving comment and encouraging words mean so much to me! God bless you and thank you for your support of the oilfield and the work we do at Oilfield Families of America. Love is what binds us!

  9. Great video great song. I am actually not working on this celebration of our independence. Let’s all remember tho the 4th is just the day we celebrate our independence. It’s happy Independence day rather than happy 4th of july. So be safe out there all u brothers and sisters who are working today and have a blessed day.. Thank to the admins and members of this page

  10. Awesome video. As an Oilfield family it shows just what a rare breed, strong group of people we really are. Happy 4th of July to all my Oilfield family members. Keep safe.

    1. Thank you Billie! So proud to be part of the lives of these incredibly unique, strong and resilient hard working people. I love them all!

  11. Great job on the video, 40 years of working in the oil and gas fields of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and still loving it. Most don’t realize the hard work and dedication that is required to supply this great nation with oil and gas .

    1. Thanks for your comment Paula. There are a few women in the video. I used every photo I received in our submission form. Not many women submitted. Hopefully we will get more next time.

  12. Thanks for the Video, I Frkn Loved It! I dont work in the Oilfield, I did Climb Cell Towers for 5-6yrs n Tower Family n Oilfield Families are Rare Breed in that WE Take Pride In Our Work n The People WE Work With. God Bless All The Oilfield Families n Keep Up The Great Work!!

  13. To all the hard working guys on location I just want to say that all us Company Men appreciate all the hard work you do every day. Your what makes the patch run everyday.

    1. Thank you Ricky for your encouraging words! We would not have an oil economy at all if it weren’t for the amazing team work in the field. Thanks for being part of Oilfield Families of America

    1. Thank you so much Robin. It is really a passion of mine to creatively encourage our oilfield families. So glad you are part of what we are doing here.

  14. Awesome job on video for the July 4, 2015.
    Very true a lot of us the that work the oil and gas industry has sacrifice a lot. Away home and family.
    I covered from Inland waters to the Gulf of Mexico plus numerous land projects away from home in construction.
    We a bleed of people that we enjoy what we do. Again awesome job.

  15. My great nephew, Justin Lee works on the oil rigs there. I’m so proud of his dedication. Without oil riggers like these guys none of us would have transportation. A big shout out and Thanks to Justin Lee and the crew that make that possible. Aunt Gloria in Louisville Kentucky

  16. Wow you made me cry! This is a touching video. Yet I am a big cry baby. The Oilfield is a dangerous place and everyday my husband goes out there I pray he comes back the same way he went out there.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! I absolutely LOVED making this video. Thanks for being part of our community.


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