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Have a blog, article or story you want published?


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Oilfield Families of America LOVES the true and natural voice of our members.  We have come to realize that there is great talent in our community, but some of us just don’t realize it yet.   We are inviting you to contribute your OILFIELD RELATED story, article or blog right here!   If we like what you have submitted, we will do any edits necessary, then publish it using your name.

Who knows…you might develop a huge following!  We are looking for content that is 100% your own, on any topic – from cooking your oilman’s favorite dish, to staying healthy while working in the oilfield to how to you keep your relationship with your kids strong.    If it’s a fun,  inspiring, serious or important issue that affects the lives of people in your oilfield community, we want to hear about it!  We also wholeheartedly welcome your audio or video recordings of you reading or talking about your subject.  You can attach them here or email to us. Outreach@OilfieldFamilies.com




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