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Top 10 Things Oilmen Want From Women


Ok…I know you were expecting to read about how oilmen want sex, but that’s a no-brainer – Check out what Oilmen who took our survey told us they really wanted! {this is valuable stuff!}

by Harley Yady

Your Oilfield Man is on his way home from a long hitch. Covies and boots covered in mud, oil, grease, and diesel fuel. Clothes saturated with the same. Too many days have passed since he held you in his arms. You want everything to be perfect for him when he gets back! What did you plan for his return? Based on HIS input, here are some of the things that you do for him that he LOVES best!

1. Home Cooked Meal-Whether it’s a juicy grilled Ribeye with mashed potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus and a spring salad (completed with a beer of his choice) OR Maine Lobster with King Crab, a baked potato and a Caesar Salad (complimented with white or blush wine) he needs REAL food! Chances are he has been eating at McDonald’s or out of a convenience store his entire hitch.

2. Above and Beyond the Call of Duty-Sometimes, your oilfield man gets into a pinch. You know what I mean-clothes, covies and food. Some of us are lucky in that we can take a short drive (2-10 hours) and help out our incredible husbands. Aaaaaand maybe a lil’ sumpin sumpin while we are there!

3. Honey-Do-List-Say WHAT!?!?! While there will undoubtedly be things you cannot do, don’t hit him with a Honey-Do list the second he walks in the door. Make sure it is something you TRULY cannot handle, and wait until he has had a day or two to rest. I say this because (like many other women out there), I have also worked in the patch. Nothing worse than coming home, EXHAUSTED, and having someone expecting you to CONTINUE working your arse off! Remember, some work upwards of 120 hours in ONE week!


4. Compare and Relate-Many of you are amazing women and you understand there truly is no comparison between his job and yours. Yes, you work your arse off. Then you come home, take the kids to soccer practice, make doctor appointments and help with homework. You make sure the bills are paid, the chores are done, and refrigerator is full. You ARE the backbone of the family. Nothing prepared you for the sacrifices of the oilfield. This job is physically and mentally the toughest job many have ever worked or loved. As an oilfield wife/girlfriend, you know the difference between venting your job related frustrations and comparing (no, don’t, bad…stop!). You truly are an angel!

5. SPOIL, SPOIL, SPOIL! You know his favorite beer, his favorite food, his boot size and his covie size. Spoil the CRAP out of him! Find out what latest and greatest “toy” he has been eyeballing….like a new video game, gun or tool? Maybe he loves shoes? Yeah, you get the idea. If your husband is anywhere like mine, ALL OF THE ABOVE…lol.

6. Romance! Alright ladies! You have gotten your nails done, nice new hair style (yes, the one that makes you drop dead gorgeous!). Are you ready to spoil him? I am quite sure he DOESN’T want his nails done, BUT, I could be wrong. Just the same, did you plan for a nice quiet dinner with your man? Maybe wear that shirt he loves, and let it show a hint of a new “unmentionable” you just bought?

7. Upper Back/Shoulder Massage-As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, most of the muscles used are in the upper back/shoulders. Whether swinging a sledge hammer, throwing tongs, or packing iron, these bodies get some pretty extreme abuse. Some of you ladies already know the art of massaging these worn out parts. Don’t stop at the shoulders though…work your way up the neck and right behind the ears….rawrrr….

8. Foot Massage-All too many know foot pain. As the hitch wears on, so does that nagging foot discomfort. This can be cause by MANY issues, but having your feet in boots for 12+ hours can make your feet your worst enemy. Some of you ladies already know soaking his feet and massaging them breathes new life into his neglected and abused feet. For the love of GOD, do NOT massage the feet of a ticklish man! Stitches may become an issue!

9. The Importance of Nicknames-These are critical! This encourages a different level of awareness and play. Be creative, make it fun. EVERYONE loves a nickname that is specific to a person. Babe is generic, but a good start….”Incredible Faced Man”? Yeah, it makes him sound like a superhero, but to me, maybe he is? Along with the creation of nicknames maybe even make your own language.


10. Center of the Universe-Just as you want to be the center of his universe, (trust me, you are), he also wants to be the center of yours. Put down your laptop, Kindle, phone and be part of each other’s universe. LOVE EACH OTHER!

Harley Yady is an Oil & Gas Producer, Oilfield Wife, OFA Member & Creative Expressionist!

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