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Damned Oilfield Stole My Lover!

This one was fun! I tried to encompass home life and the field. The picture was taken on a Shell location near Creston Junction, WY (right off of 789 and I-80). I think it was November 2010.
Snow Drift
I swear the second we got on location, the wind started HOWLING. We held on to our hard hats as the company man gave us his safety speech. Then, we sat in the light duty trucks for too many hours (I re-wrote “Dashing through the snow” to fit our dilemma…Dashing through the snow, in a one-ton every day…).

The night crew ended up freezing the wellhead, because they didn’t blow out the lines. We ended up packing up and leaving. Each tractor trailer was COVERED in snow (additional picture), and had to be towed out by a CAT because the wind would build a new 4 foot snow drift every 30 min or so.

The Oilfield has my husband right now…I’ll get him next!


Damned Oilfield Stole My Lover!
By Harley Yady

Toughest job I ever had was working in the oilfield. BUT, it is also the most rewarding. Nothing like rigging up and getting pressure tested! What is even BETTER is getting to location after the other crew has rigged down (YES!!!). All of us are all too aware of the personal and physical sacrifices. Some of us even have paid with our lives.

I know, I will probably miss something. That’s OK. The fact that you are thinking about ADDITIONAL things means I have done my job. For those who are left behind, the stories are usually true.

You can expect the following to happen at home. Damn near EVERY time:

  • Missed birthdays/anniversaries and other family events.
  • Missed holidays (are YOU going to be home for Christmas?)
  • Everything breaks when you are gone, if not the day you leave. EVERYTHING.
  • Your significant other might have a breakdown.
  • Fighting with your significant other. You cannot fix it in the field!
  • Fighting with your kids. Beat them when you get home. Often. (I AM KIDDING!).

You can expect the following to happen in the field. And THEN some….

  • Wanna see a REALLY pissed off a hand? No Service/Searching for Service mode….
  • Pissed off significant other. Not only is it frustrating, but UNSAFE!
  • Winter in the south may be a series of mud bogs. You can even grow TALLER!
  • Winter in the north may be a three month barrage of snotsicles
  • You get stuck on location for DAYS, for any number of reasons. Without cell service.
  • Throwing chains on your tractor. I don’t care how badass you are. Throwing chains SUCKS.
  • Since the oilfield is the cleanest place I have EVER worked, I enjoyed extra crispy sandwiches.
  • Expect to get teased. Daylight additive, exhaust samples…I even saw a guy strap the blue room!

My oilfield experience was upstream. I was a dirty fracker and I was that “damned sand hauler”….


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