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Drilling Superintendent- worked with high profile operators 15 yrs Exp


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Name James A Rentschler
What is your job title? Drilling Superintendent
What are your qualifications? I have been a Drilling Superintendent for 2+ years. I have worked with high profile operators, Shell, Pioneer, XTO & Gulfport. Implemented plans to lead and manage equipment and people. All while maitaining a 50-60% profit margin.
What area of the Oilfield are you in? Operations/Upstream
What Country do you live in? United States
How many years oilfield experience do you have? 15+
Are you available to work in the United States & Canada? Yes
Are you available to work internationally? Yes
Are you available to work immediately? Yes
Do you have a CDL? No – Don’t have a CDL
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I have been an experienced Superintendent professional with strong leadership-building skills and sought out on a regional level to assist in training and guiding counter partners in leadership, policy’s and best practices of the company. Because of my high-energy skills of a Superintendent whom is very successful in building and motivating dynamic teams with a sense of urgency in everything I do I have the ability to cultivate a company culture in which all our staff members feel comfortable voicing their questions and concerns, contributing new ideas that have driven company growth. I have the ability to create action plans and step by step process’s to enable company profit in a safe and efficient manner from years of experience.
I am adamant about having monthly or bi-weekly (depending on the situation) one on one session’s with employees to achieve core values such as; Preforming at 100% of their ability and following up on action plans I have set forth in the prior session. Upon the foundation meetings I have with employees I explain that having integrity and company pride is an important value with me along with I have NO tolerance for lies and or drama, employees have but one chance and I have learned by explaining this and setting these expectations from the start have truly made employees come forth with the facts. Insuring safety policy’s and best practices are being implemented and followed, and explaining that when an employee does not follow this they then become a liability not only for the company but to the entire team and them self’s. I am effective in having the “hard” conversations by making employees feel at ease insuring the conversation does not name names beyond me but in protecting our company should they see and or hear something that may be a violation in company policy to report it to me. I have had the most success in this through the region and have been asked to have other superintendents sit in as I have one on one session’s with employees. I lead by example and will work along side by side with any and all employees as that installs with employees that I would never ask then anything I myself would not do.
I am a firm believer in leaders create more leaders and no one is beneath me, this is seen through the quality of the highest standards I hold myself to all the way through the teams I lead.

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