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“Working Man”- Song I wrote for my oilfield husband & best friend


Note from Lori @ OFA –
This 3 minute homemade video of an Oilfield Wife singing a song she wrote for her husband and best friend, is raw and uninhibited as it reveals the true human side that we rarely show of ourselves even to our own mates. It stirred something in me that only brings me closer to all of you – men and women of the oilfield.

Member Post by Danielle N Arana

My husband is an Oilfield Welder out here in Bakersfield,Ca. One day I was home taking care of our 6 children(now 7) and I began thinking about just how hard he truly works for us. Here in the summer the weather gets up to over 110 degrees. And he tells me it’s even hotter out in fields because of the pipes. And in the winter it’s so dark and cold he says he can’t feel his fingers when he welds.

Some days he works long hours. And he won’t call in sick. He is an amazing father and husband. He is my super man. He inspired me to write this song “working man”. After I wrote it I realized that this really pertains to all those hard working men that are out there in the Oil fields, or are the “Blue Collar” Worker. But I know the wives of these men can truly understand what I am saying.

I really want for everyone to make this song their own. And that in a time when us women are taught that we don’t need men and we can do it on our own. And when there are so many awful stories of dead beat dads and scumbags out there, that not all Men are. And we should really praise and appreciate what our men do on a daily basis to do right by their families.

On a recent note I decided to post this the other day because I am missing my husband who is now in Utah working. All the work here in Bakersfield is almost all but gone and he had to travel out of state. Its tough on all of us but I know he is doing whatever he can to make sure we are fed and have a roof over our head.

Here’s the song I wrote for my husband:

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  1. Good for you, Danielle….I know what a wonderful man your Eddie is. When I lost my husband and had to leave my home in Bakersfield…there was Eddie…hard working guy helping out a widow on his time off. Time he could have spent with you and your family. I appreciate what he did for me more than I can tell you and he is very lucky to have you for his wife. You are beautiful inside and out and I wish you all the luck in the world in your new circumstances….I have always followed the idea “Everything changes for a good reason….even if you can’t see it for a while!”


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