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Senator Ted Cruz’s office responded to OFA!- Here’s his energy record


Oilfield Families of America is reaching out to the offices of presidential hopefuls to ask about their energy records and to learn more about how they will approach America’s energy crisis.  We want to do our best to present these facts to you so you can make informed political decisions.  The following is documentation that I received directly from Senator Ted Cruz’s office.  We will publish the energy records of the other candidates once we receive them.
~Lori Pope

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Ted Cruz’s Energy Record:


  • In March 2015, Sen. Cruz and Rep. Bridenstine re-introduced the American Energy Renaissance Act to tap into the energy resources beneath the soil and remove regulations that are inhibiting exploration and trade (originally introduced in March 2014). The bill:

    • Returns power to states to regulate hydraulic fracturing.

    • Streamlines the permitting process to update refineries.

    • Phases out the Renewable Fuel Standard.

    • Approves the Keystone Pipeline and opens gateway for future pipelines.

    • Protects greenhouse gasses from EPA and fed regulation.

    • Inhibits some EPA regulations of coal and electric power plants.

    • Requires presidential and Congressional approval of EPA regulations that have a negative impact on jobs.

    • Expands energy development in Indian lands and Alaska.

    • Opens up offshore areas available for exploration.

    • Expands LNG exports through more accessible permits.

    • Ends the crude oil export ban.

    • Safeguards coal industry from outlandish regulations.

    • directs all revenue generated from exploration on federal lands be designated. to paying off the national debt.

  • In January 2015, Cruz introduced several amendments to Keystone Pipeline legislation, and after they did not receive a vote, committed to having hearings on them:

    • Expedite Liquefied Natural Gas exports to the 180 World Trade Organization countries.Cruz offered this amendment on the Senate floor.

      • Removes Department of Energy’s unnecessary approval process.

      • Requires Dept. of Energy to treat approval of WHO countries the same as free trade agreement countries.

      • Maintains the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission process that each project must undergo.

    • Lift the crude oil ban.

      • repeals the President’s ability to restrict crude oil exports.

      • repeals the ban on exports from the outer continental shelf.

    • streamline the process for approving additional pipelines.

      • Standardizes process for approving of cross-border pipelines and electrical transmission facilities with Congressional approval.

      • Removes the need for presidential permits for pipelines.

      • Requires approval of cross-border infrastructure with 120 days of final NEPA action unless the project is determined to not be in the national security interests of the United States.

  • In April 2014, Cruz introduced his American Energy Renaissance Act as an amendment to minimum wage legislation and spoke on the Senate floor about the real Obama minimum wage, which is $0.0 an hour.

Press Releases/Notable Remarks:

  • In October 2014, Cruz praised Lithuania’s LNG import terminal as a monumental step towards energy independence from Russia and a call for the US to aid the baltic states and develop mutually beneficial trade partnerships.

  • In February  2014, Cruz spoke at Spindletop in Texas on his American Energy Renaissance legislation.

  • In February 2014, Cruz spoke at Heritage Foundation unveiling his Energy Renaissance legislation.

  • In June 2013, Cruz released a statement repudiating Obama’s environment speech that would continue to hamper energy jobs.

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