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Top 10 Things you NEVER Say to an Oilfield Wife



Top 10 Things you NEVER Say to an Oilfield Wife

Harley Yady
Oilfield Families of America

Ladies, you sure did come up with some EXCELLENT points and conversations! Thank you for all of your input. Because our husbands work in the oilfield, we live by a different set of rules. We learn to adapt and keep our plans liquid. Whether we are working, raising our beautiful children, maintaining a household or paying the bills. We are busy ladies!  We are the backbone, the ladies “behind the scenes”.

Oh, but WAIT!!! I am QUITE sure you get drilled at family events in his absence. You have the kid that likes to get into fights at school. How about that roof that started leaking? YES, this rests on your very capable shoulders. He didn’t marry a “delicate flower”. He married an intelligent, strong and independent woman that can stand on her own.

This list is nowhere NEAR exhaustive. THANK YOU LADIES!

  1. “My husband has to go away for a night or two, I totally understand how you feel”. Oh thank GOD! I am SO glad we can relate. Oh wait. Nice try!
  2. “You clean the house and shave before he comes home”. No, actually. I prefer looking like a Sasquatch and living like a filthy Ogre. Thanks for your concern!
  3. “He makes good money, why do you coupon?” If I didn’t, we might be in worse shape than we are right now. Have you seen the price of oil? Have you heard of all the layoffs?
  4. “He doesn’t get Christmas off?” No. He doesn’t. Now ask me about birthdays and anniversaries!
  5. “Now that you are having a baby, he can find local work, right?” Yes, because oilfield workers can get an oilfield job anywhere in the United States. Really???
  6. “I bet you miss him”. No…. I don’t love my husband or anything.
  7. “If he’s in the oilfield, why do you still work?” Because I worked hard for the degree I earned.
  8. “He’s killing the earth!” Wow! I never knew you were a Petrochemical Engineer!
  9. “Thank GOD the price of gas is dropping.” Falling oil prices don’t have an impact on his job, income or the economy…smdh
  10. “How do you do it?” Haven’t you heard? I am Wonder Woman. I can do anything!

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  1. My Man is a hard working Man, everything he does …he does for the love of his family. The love we share is unconditional, thru the good the bad and the ugly. But always Thanking God when he makes it home safe. Respect the Man, the business and hard work that is put in by these Men. Haven’t met an Oilfield Worker who wasn’t in this business for the money … he is in it for the love of his Family. Thank you my love ..you are the Man in my life, the love of my life and the one I can’t be without.


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