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Vanessa’s Best Friend Speaks Out

by Melissa  Adams

“What God has for me, is for me.”
Accept what God has for you… the good, the bad & the ugly. They all were meant for you to grow stronger in the word. Take it with stride & be sure to testify to others so that they can see what God has done for you.
Look At God! Won’t He do it?
I love you all! ♡~AlmostAnAngel~♡

Melissa Adams is a Pastor’s Wife, best friend to the deceased Vanessa Melson and OFA member
A Statement from Melissa Adams:
I spoke with Brenna Theurer before the detectives did. She contacted me, I didn’t contact her. Because I’m not a lawyer I can’t say what will happen. Now, I do know God & pretty savvy of the legal system. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” They will get charged with accessory to murder but will probably try & plea down since they cooperated with Law Enforcement. Problem with that is, they waited too long for full cooperation. They lived out there in the house she was murdered in. The house that was 115 yards from her half buried body. The house that had no running water or electricity. The house that was known as the local shack/party house for drug addicts. They stayed there for 3 weeks afterwards. So no, no leniency for cooperation should be considered. I don’t believe in the death penalty, plus death would be too easy. My best friend… she is. Facts? I got them. I reported her missing. I led investigators to her. We searched for her before police took it serious. Brenna complained of not being able to sleep, I offered to go by her some sleeping medicine. She had no food or cigarettes for 3 days. That’s what she was worried about 115 yards from my best friends half buried body. “Feed your enemies.” “You never know when you may be entertaining Angels.” I hate no one. But I feel no mercy for people of that nature. So facts? I got them all. Screenshots of messages. Phone records. What more facts do you need? I pray for all families involved. But I pray for those 3 babies who will never understand that someone murdered their Mama.
Brenna Theurer
Brenna Theurer



  1. I live in the town that Vanessa is from,I have known her family since before she was born.Infact,I used to babysit her when she was a small child.Ive watched for months as her family and friends looked for her,and prayed for answers.I also know the person that led them to her .There is nothing that will ever things right.I know that when people are under the influence of drugs,they can often not be making good decisions.But…the two accused of knowing and being there when this took place…knew enough at the time to know that her life was in danger…and chose to do nothing .I personally think and feel that they should be given no mercy
    when it comes to this.They could have possibly stopped it…but took the cowardly way out..and turned their backs.When I had to look the mother of this beautiful young lady in the face,and see all the loss,emptiness, and grief….I could not even begin to imagine her pain.I say because you were there and did nothing..that the only mercy you are shown is from God.that you have to live with this the rest of your life

  2. I do believe in the death penalty. But in this case I’m afraid they won’t get it. (Any of them) But I pray they All get the same sentence and that would be life. I will continue to pray for her family and friends. May Gods will be done.

    1. I met her thru a friend she was a very sweet person young enough to be my daughter I felt motherly to her I feel they do should have no mercy for them how can u go on day to day while she easy right in the yard dead and they helped I can’t imagine I’m so sorry to her friends and family especially those kids are now motherless

  3. I only knew Vanessa for a short period of time. I really hate that thus happened to her they way it did and those involved need to be locked up for the rest of their life.


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