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What Oilfield Men Want MOST from their Women



by Lori Pope

A good woman is really all any man needs…or is it? Oilfield wives and girlfriends possess certain qualities that make them uniquely strong, determined, resourceful, resilient and fiercely devoted to the man they love. ¬†Oilfield wives & girlfriends are a special breed, just like our men.

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Just for fun, we asked the men in our oilfield community to tell us what they wanted MOST from their women, and here’s what they said…

What oilfield men said they want MOST from their women:

  1. To understand that I’m not out here for just me but that it’s for our family. I need her to be there and persevere through the lonely nights and kids activities and to FaceTime me everyday .
  2. Naked when I get home
  3. Get a steady good paying job. So I can keep my toys when I get laid off
  4. To have one that’s loyal and faithful and has my back
  5. I want nothing out of wife…she already does everything… her job is a lot tougher than mine.
  6. Food mostly. And snuggles.
  7. To still want me there!
  8. For her to be home for my 3 days off
  9. Loyalty and understanding. And when we’re doing good, try not to spend ALL the money
  10. Able to hunt and fish whenever
  11. To quit being on the damn phone all the time
  12. Give me them good body rubs and all them good loving mmmm!!
  13. Loyalty
  14. Support and love me for what I do for a living. This is our life and it will always be our life.
  15. A real good hot meal and some hotter loving
  16. Sex, homemade meal, sex, homemade meal, sex, steak, sex, fully stocked fridge with beer, sex!
  17. For her to stay loyal and understand why I do this
  18. Honest understanding and faithful
  19. For my queen to be happy
  20. Patience.
  21. Send more nudey pics….
  22. Home cooked meals, loyalty
  23. Be faithful and still love your hubby when we get home
  24. It’s not what I want from my woman…It’s “What can I do for my woman?”All I expect from her is LOVE and FAITHFULNESS !
  25. To be missed as much as I miss them, and mutual respect and appreciation
  26. I want nothing because she already gives me everything…
  27. For her to be understanding as to why I work the way I do . That it’s all for the greater good….
  28. To stay just like she is. She’s close enough to perfect for me
  29. Honesty, Support and love understand
  30. Be faithful and save some damn money
  31. Faithfulness, Loyalty & Respect
  32. To Be faithful – That can strain a man’s mind something awful…
  33. I want her to pursue her personal career…then buy me a Vette
  34. To be quiet!
  35. To have the courage to accept the role of an oilfield wife. It’s a tough job and not every woman is up for the task. I’ve been blessed with the strongest woman as an oilfield wife. Without the support of our wives we couldn’t do it.






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