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Very Interesting Discoveries by NASA Possibly Tied to Oil Prices



By Stevie McHugh
Oilfield Families of America

Some theories turn out to be pure myth, like Earth being flat. Scientists recently debunked the long-held western belief that petroleum is a resource with a limited supply because it is chiefly derived from the fossilized remains of rotted carbon-based vegetation and dead dinosaurs. The Russians teamed up with NASA and made the discovery that suggests this bogus myth was possibly a fabrication designed to keep oil prices high.

NASA photographs taken by the Cassini spacecraft last week prove that on Titan, Saturn’s moon, there are methane lakes. This clearly shows that hydrocarbons seem to be plentiful in our solar system and they are not, in fact, fossil fuels. Energy scientists are compelled to admit by these and similar discoveries that petroleum oil is substantially mineral in origin. One related discovery occurred two years ago, when Germany reported that the Orion constellation in the Horse Head Nebula galaxy contains a vast field of hydrocarbon. But at least one headline claimed that fossil fuels were discovered in the stars!

Turns out that for decades the Russians have been figuring out how to drill deeper, down to 40,000 feet, where oil is naturally produced. They have become the world’s number one supplier of oil – could this be why?

Here’s one more interesting fact: All over the world, fresh oil reserves are being struck miles beneath oceans and other places where dinosaurs never roamed.

So the truth about oil is very different from what we’ve been told, and yet the news about it is minimal, at best.

Do you think this news is being squelched because it defies the narrative that drilling for oil is not environmentally friendly?

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