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What Oilfield Wives & Girlfriends said their Oilfield Men Want Most



Wow – This was sooo much fun!  I would like to express a HUGE THANK YOU to our Oilfield Wives & Girlfriends who participated in this!    We recently asked our Oilfield Men what they wanted MOST from their women and published an article with their answers.

In this article we asked the Oilfield Wives & Girlfriends what they THOUGHT their oilfield Men wanted MOST.   The answers are real, authentic, beautiful and some are funny – but all are TRUE.   Not only are the qualities that make up a fine Oilfield Wife or Girlfriend clearly evident in the following list, but in reading this list, it also becomes BLAZINGLY CLEAR that our MEN are just plain AWESOME!  This is the stuff that real life is made of!

Every day my life is enriched by the wisdom, love and example of both the women and men of Oilfield Families of America.  Thank you so much for being part of my life!~Lori Pope



What Oilfield Wives & Girlfriends said their Oilfield MEN wanted MOST from them:

  1. To know his woman will be solid and not have to worry about them when they are out working.
  2. To be faithful when he’s gone, raise our children right, don’t let him sleep all day or get lazy when he’s home, and to never ever be the type of woman who wears a t-shirt that says anything about being an oilfield honey spending oilfield money.
  3. Sex, food and to sleep lol
  4. Support! Loving woman waiting for him. To know he is out there working for a purpose
  5. Sex, sex ,and more sex! Of course loyalty, guns, trucks, etc…
  6. To continue hold down the fort while he’s working his hitch, to hear him out when he’s had a good or bad day on location, to make random weekend visits when he misses home and definitely feeding him anything he asks me to cook or bake for him and our son.
  7. Appreciation, understanding, and most important: FAITHFULNESS AND TRUST!! Most don’t realize that it is just as hard on them to be gone as it is for us to be home alone!! They are out there working their butts off to provide for their families!!!
  8. To be faithful while he’s gone, to not lose my mind managing our house my job and our 3 kids as a “single” mom while he’s on hitch, and to be waiting for that D when he gets home
  9. He wants me to be faithful, honest, always have his back and check him when he needs it (we both do sometimes) and keep him happy when he gets home which I have no objection to lol
  10. Not to blow all their money on crap while they work their butts off
  11. Healthy home cooked meals & Lonestar Light in the fridge when he gets home. When he is gone to call, text, FaceTime him so he still feels like he is part of my life back home.
  12. Food, foot rubs, sex, faithfulness
  13. He wants his kids to be taken care of and for me to be happy. That’s all that matters to him. He is amazing. We are lucky
  14. A soft place to land when things get tough !!!! Honest simple unconditional love !!!!! The same things I want from him !!!
  15. Clean home, food on the table, to be a great wife for him and the kiddos.. love, kisses, and happiness!!
  16. Trust, attention, and good food
  17. To have his back no matter what. To be his eyes and ears to our children while he is away.
  18. Support , and understanding, why they work the way they do. To know I , can handle the household and handle the kids.  Not say , wait until your dad gets home !!!! My husband, does what he does to take care of us, his family. I love him for it.
  19. Understanding and faith in him.
  20. Mostly me being able to stay home. Also for me to be understanding and love him. Just be there
  21. Zero drama!
  22. Good food and great sex!
  23. Faithfulness, honesty, trust, clean house, down home cookin & sex of course
  24. Appreciation, trust, loyalty, quality time together, lots of understanding and of course sex anytime he wants it.
  25. Patience and support in good times and bad
  26. He wants me to stay safe and not be too sad while he’s gone. And he really REALLY wants to come home and cook dinner for me
  27. Use common sense and not give away all “the” money– notice he doesn’t say “his” money? Isn’t he awesome?? Sigh I just love him.



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