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Russian Spy Ships Near Georgia Coast – US Oil Vessel in Arctic



by Stevie McHugh

Defense assets were not deployed on Labor Day when a Russian intelligence vessel was seen near an American Shell Oil Company ship in the Arctic, according to CNN sources. No known actions were taken on September 3, either, when a Russian spy ship capable of doing harm to undersea communications systems was seen by the U.S. military off the coast of Kings Bay, Georgia.

After years of pushing hard for it, Shell was finally given the okay to drill off of the Coast of Alaska in May. The Nobel Discoverer is currently in the Chukchi Sea, exploring for oil between Alaska and Russia north of the Bering Strait. On September 7, Pentagon officials were alerted when the Kurily, a Russian vessel, was seen near the Nobel Discoverer. According to Jeff Davis, spokesperson for the Pentagon, all nations have a sovereign right to freely navigate in international waters.

Okay, that seems innocent enough maybe. But with another Russian ship seen off the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. near Georgia’s Kings Bay, does that seem like a bit much of too close here and there within a few days’ time?

According to news sources at Fox News, last month a Russian spy ship was seen in the north Atlantic. U.S. military satellites have been tracking the ship, which they said has remained in international waters on the way to Cuba, the ship’s destination.

There have been other sightings of Russia spy ships off of the U.S. coastlines this year. In January and in April, as many as two Russian military ships were near the U.S.

Oh, and five Chinese warships were also seen off of the Alaskan coast during Obama’s recent visit to the state. Officials said the five Chinese ships were the same ones that were in Russian-Chinese naval exercises that recently took place in the Sea of Japan. Officials poo-pooed the idea that there was anything to be worried about.

If you were on an oil ship and spotted a Russian military ship nearby, would you be nervous? Do you think there is something to all of this activity in international waters near the U.S.?

See the resource articles at CNN.com and FoxNews.com.


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