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Where does it go from here?

Where does it go from here?


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Cherie Crane

Where does it go from here?

The price of oil has dropped considerably since September, 2014. Ask yourself these questions – at this time last year were you planning on being laid off? Were you watching the stock market to see where oil was headed or just going to work, living your life? I know I had no clue that oil was going to crash as it did, and I certainly didn’t think it was going to drive our industry down to the brink in which it has turned.

I’ve lived through downturns. I don’t think this is anything like we’ve ever seen. But don’t give up hope!

One year ago we were going about our lives living hitch to hitch and loving every minute of it.
Turn the clock forward to September 2016. We’ll soon be electing a new president. Some of you may be working a new job. Some of you may be going to school. You may have a child starting school for the first time. You may be announcing an addition to your family. A lot can happen in one year. Don’t give up on our oil industry. One year can make a difference.


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