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Bigheart Times Report on Rick Holt

Bigheart Times Report on Rick Holt



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On Tuesday, Kling interviewed Jeremy Reece at his house on East 17th Street, where he told Kling that he had indeed received photos from Holt but that he had deleted them.

Jeremy Reece’s phone also contained text messages between himself and Tyler Reece “that indicated that he elicited his younger brother, Tyler Reece, to asset him with the disappearance of Rick Holt,” Kling wrote in the affidavit.
Jeremy Reece told Kling that the two brothers drove Tyler Reece’s pickup truck to Holt’s house on County Road 5772 in the early morning hours of Sept. 5, Saturday, and a confrontation ensued over Holt’s relationship with Jeremy Reece’s ex-wife.

Jeremy Reece told Kling that he and Tyler Reece drove Holt’s body to an oil lease in an area that the affidavit does not disclose. The elder Reece said that Tyler Reece was familiar with the lease and had the combination to the lock on the gate, according to the affidavit.

Jeremy Reece said that he and his brother then buried Holt near a creek on the oil lease, the affidavit says. Information on Jeremy Reece’s cell phone “corroborates this information,” Kling wrote, and on Wednesday “a possible clandestine grave site has been located and prepared for excavation in the area the defendant described.”
The affidavit gives no indication of the manner of Holt’s death.

Sheriff’s and other investigators, along with the state medical examiner, are expected to start excavating the apparent grave on Thursday morning.

Tyler Reece was the co-salutatorian of the Pawhuska High School Class of 2015, and was a standout offensive lineman on the Huskie football team. He recently started as a freshman at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, where he was a member of the ROTC, or Army Reserve Officers Training Corps.
Lawmen arrested Tyler Reece on Wednesday afternoon in Oklahoma County. The warrant for his arrest orders that he be held with no bond.

Holt was widely mourned on social media as news of his death spread, some before all of his kinfolk had been notified. On his own Facebook page, many friends recalled his smile, his tall tales, his cowboying, and more.
“Dang it Rick!” wrote Jennifer Varao. “Give my momma a kiss and take her for a spin on the dance floor, Casanova.
“I am going to miss your sweet smile, your hugs, and your confidence boosting compliments.
“I can’t believe this.”


  1. I didn’t know him to well but I worked with him for a couple days at the end of the year last year. He was a real nice guy, had a smile on at 3 am every morning. Sad to hear about this


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