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OFA Members Remember 9-11

JOIN OILFIELD FAMILIES OF AMERICA – IT’S FREE Coreen R. – “I was at working at shop-ko when the first plane hit the tower, at first like everyone else we was like what the hell..we all watched as the second one hit and was just in shock…later… Me being a firefighter and going to trainings […]

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Where does it go from here?

Member Post by Cherie Crane Where does it go from here? The price of oil has dropped considerably since September, 2014. Ask yourself these questions – at this time last year were you planning on being laid off? Were you watching the stock market to see where oil was headed or just going to work, […]

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Cowboying from the Oilfield

Cowboying from the Oilfield Member Post by Tim Wilson Edited by Stevie McHugh Oilfield Families of America Working in the oilfield, most of us seem to find hobbies and lifestyles that end up being passions. Mine is showing quarter horses. I aspire to be a really competitive non-pro and amateur in the horse show arena […]

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