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5 Phases Of An Oilfield Wife

Some days you just get over it. You get over him not coming home for two months, You get over juggling the work of two while he is away. You just become done. I don’t think I am the only oilfield wife who feels this way either. That’s phase 4 in the 5 phase cycle […]

What Oilfield Wives & Girlfriends said their Oilfield Men Want Most

Wow – This was sooo much fun! I would like to express a HUGE THANK YOU to our Oilfield Wives & Girlfriends who participated in this! We recently asked our Oilfield Men what they wanted MOST from their women and published an article with their answers.

What Oilfield Men Want MOST from their Women

A good woman is really all any man needs…or is it? Oilfield wives and girlfriends posse certain qualities that make them uniquely strong, determined, resourceful, resilient and fiercely devoted to the man they love. Oilfield wives & girlfriends are a special breed, just like our men.

Top 10 Things you NEVER Say to an Oilfield Wife

Ladies, you sure did come up with some EXCELLENT points and conversations! Thank you for all of your input. Because our husbands work in the oilfield, we live by a different set of rules. We learn to adapt and keep our plans

Those rigs in the picture :: Oilfield Wife Post

Those rigs in the picture are H&P rigs in between Midland and Odessa and there are rigs leaving that yard, every time I drive by another is gone.

“Working Man”- Song I wrote for my oilfield husband & best friend

My husband is an Oilfield Welder out here in Bakersfield,Ca. One day I was home taking care of our 6 children(now 7) and I began thinking about just how hard he truly works for us.

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Adam Weise

Adam Weise Yorktown, Texas Weise drove 10 hours to Louisiana every three weeks to work on the rig. A high school football star, he spent off- time hunting and fishing. He was scheduled to leave the rig on April 21.   Submit a name to our Oilfield Memorial page – CLICK HERE

Shane M. Roshto

Shane M. Roshto Liberty, Miss. Shane Roshto worked for Transocean, was 22 years old on the 20th of April, 2010.  He was working on board the Deepwater Horizon oil rig as a floor hand.  Shane was the youngest of the eleven explosion victims, he left behind his wife Natalie, age 21 and son Blaine, age 3. Submit […]

Dewey A. Revette

Dewey A. Revette State Line, Miss. Revette was a driller. He had been married to his wife, Sherri, for 26 years when the rig exploded. He was scheduled to leave the rig on April 21. Submit a name to our Oilfield Memorial page – CLICK HERE

Keith Blair Manuel

Keith Blair Manuel Gonzales, La. Manuel left behind his parents, three daughters and a fiance with whom he was planning a July wedding. A mud engineer aboard the vessel, Mr. Manuel (who worked for M-I-SWACO) was also an avid LSU fan.  He had season tickets to LSU’s football games.